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Roll Wrapper - Powered Manual
The 222 is a Powered Manual unit with a maximum capacity of 4000 Lb. Controlled by an operator this is a fast, efficient way to completely wrap the face side of a roll of product.  Leaving the ends open for transport with a prong truck. Click on the tabs below for more information.

  • Maximum roll = 96” Dia. x 83”Long
  • Minimum roll = 48” Dia. x 48”Long
  • Maximum weight = 4,000 lb.
  • Faster and easier than wrapping by hand.
  • Model #222C Powered Manual Spiral accommodates varying length rolls.
  • 5 hp.Variable speed AC roll drive motor with inline reducer solid state AC variable speed drive.
  • Roll drive roller 12” dia. 312 FPM
  • 1 hp. Variable speed AC film carriage drive motor with solid state AC variable speed drive.
  • Adjustable end limit switches.
  • 30” Kalamazoo variable tension film delivery.
  • Fork lift portability allows for easy placement throughout any facility.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all K.P.S. manufactured components.

4,000 lb. Capacity horizontal roll wrapper. (FORWARD/OFF/REVERSE) Selector switch operates horizontal powered manual spiral film applicator. 30” Kalamazoo variable tension film delivery for 22.5” Diameter rolls. (OFF/ON) Selector switch operates 12” diameter product rollers.

Wrap Cycle:

Load product on to the rollers. Turn the film carriage selector switch to Forward. When the film reaches the end of the roll return the film carriage switch to OFF and place the reinforcing wraps to the end of the roll. Turn the film carriage selector switch to Reverse. After the cycle is complete return the two switches to the OFF position.

  • Larger Film Rolls
  • Powered Pre-stretch Film Delivery
  • Extra Capacity
  • Extra Length
  • Semi-Automatic System
  • Fully-Automatic System
  • Product Hold Down
  • Product Stabilizer
  • Manual and Automatic Loading and/or Unloading of Product