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This Powered Manual Roll Wrapper has variable film tension and speed controls.  Features a removable roll holder cart, a Banner light curtain and safety fence. Quickly wraps 50″ to 90″ diameter rolls up to 83″ long. Manual film starting and cutting. Industrial quality push buttons and limit switches are used throughout the machine. Click the tabs below for more information. Call or e-mail for a quote.

  • Drive/Idler Rollers: 10″ Dia. x 3/8″ Wall 83″ Long.
  • Frame: Structural Tube, plate and bar, meet ASTM-A36 or ASTM-A500.
  • Safety Fence: Structural Tubing/Expanded Metal Sections 72″ high
  • Banner Light Curtain
  • Product Roller: 3 hp. 460/3/60 Hz. AC variable speed motor with solid state AC controller and in-line helical gear motor, chain drive.
  • Film Carriage: 1 hp. 460/3/60 HZ. AC variable speed motor with solid state AC controller and right angle gear reducer, chain drive.
  • Power Requirements: 460/3/60 Hz. 20a
(This system is supplied with solid state AC drives and sensors. A clean power source must be supplied to the system without voltage spikes or drops.)

Air Requirements: 80psi (Air must be clean and dry)
Automatic Cycle:

Load the product on to the roll wrapper, making sure the product is centered. Back up the fork trunk and attach the film. Return to control counsel and reset Banner Light Curtain. Start product rollers with selector switch, adjust film to desired tension. Move film carriage with selector switch until desired wrap is obtained. Return selector switches to off positions. Enter area to manually cut film and remove with fork truck or overhead crane.

  • 10″ Diameter product rollers with 3 hp AC variable speed drive motor with in-line reducer, solid state drive with soft start.
  • 1 hp AC variable speed film carriage drive, solid start drive.
  • 30″ Variable Tension Film Delivery System
  • Allen Bradley Flex 4 AC Drives
  • Banner Light Curtain