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The Semi-Automatic roll wrapper is programmed with multiple reinforcing selections. Simply load and attach film. Select the program and press start. Click the tabs below for a complete description.

Model 222SA-18×80 1,000 lb. Semi-Automatic Horizontal Spiral Roll Wrapper.

  • Maximum roll = 18 ” Dia.x 80” Long Rolls
  • Minimum roll = 7” Dia.
  • Maximum weight = 1,000 lb


1,000 lb. Capacity horizontal roll wrapper . Semi-Automatic spiral film applicator for 10” Diameter rolls, 30” Kalamazoo variable tension film delivery. Programmable end wraps. Industrial quality push buttons: Emergency Stop, Power On, Cycle Start, Cycle Interrupt, Film Forward , Film Reverse , Roll Jog.

Description of Cycle:

Semi-Automatic program Film carriage home is 12” in from end of product.
  1. Move the product to the wrapper with a fork trunk or over head crane. Center product over the rollers.
  2. Lower the product onto the rollers.
  3. Attach the film to the product.
  4. Push the Start button. The rollers will come on and start wrapping the product. The film carriage will travel to the front edge of the product and over lap the product and automatic stop and apply the reinforcing wraps. The film carriage will move to the other end of the product and apply the reinforcing wraps. The film carriage will now return to the home position and automatically cut the film.
  5. End of cycle

222 SA Features:

  • Model #222SA Semi-Automatic Spiral accommodates varying length rolls.
  • Accommodates loads up to 1,000 lb.
  • Roll drive roller 8-3/8” dia. 130 FPM.
  • 1-1/2 hp. V ariable speed AC roll drive motor with inline reducer.
  • 1 hp. Variable speed AC film carriage drive motor with right angle reducer.
  • Solid state AC variable speed drives.
  • Mitsubishi PLC.
  • Banner photo-eyes.
  • Allen Bradley limit switches.
  • Warner 180 volt DC variable tension film brake.
  • 3 0” Kalamazoo variable tension film delivery. For 10” diameter rolls.
  • Fork lift portability allows for easy placement throughout any facility.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all K.P.S. manufactured components.


  • Roll drive : 8-3/8” Diameter. 11” center to center . 130 FPM.
  • Frame: Structural tube, plate and bar, meet ASTM-A36 or ASTM-A500.
  • Mast: Formed steel plate, meets ASTM-A36


  • PLC: Mitsubishi
  • Roll Drive : 1 hp. 460/3/60hz. 3.3 amp. AC TEFC variable speed motor with solid state AC controller and Inline Reducer, # 50 chain drive.
  • Film Carriage : 1 hp. 460/3/60hz. 3.3 amp. AC TEFC variable speed motor with solid state AC controller and right angle gear reducer.
  • Film Tension: 30” Kalamazoo variable tension film delivery for 10” diameter rolls. 90 volt DC 3-3/4” elector magnetic brake. 4” Dia. Brake roller.

Power Requirements

  • 460/3/60 hz. 15 amp.
  • Longer product rollers
  • Larger rolls of film
  • Powered moveable product rolls
  • Product roll side holders (Moveable side holders to keep rolls upright when wrapping)
  • Fully-Automatic Systems
  • Locking Casters
  • Power Requirements 460/3/60 HZ. 8 amp