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We build Vertical and Horizontal Pallet Wrapping Systems including Custom Applications

Kalamazoo Packaging also produces both Manual, Semi-Automatic and  Fully Automatic stretch wrapping systems.  Vertical Pallet Wrappers are the 1500 Lb. Series, 4000 Lb. Series, and the 6000 Lb. Series.  We have addressed various Special Application wrappers such as Cold Room, Hazardous Location and Explosion Resistant Equipment.  Our Horizontal Pallet Wrappers, the 800 Series Stand Alone Automatic, are faster, more efficient, and use less man-power than other manufactures systems of the same type. While at the same time producing a more secure load for shipping.  Follow the pages below for a more complete description on each type of stretch wrapping system  Contact us for help in determining the best type of wrapper to suit your needs.

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