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The 800 Series Stand Alone Automatic Pallet Wrappers can be purchased in various sizes, shown below are the 850, 870 and 880 which is in reference to the size of the cage opening. The 850 has a 50″ x 50″ opening and can accommodate a load that is 50″ wide and 50″ tall. They are controlled by a Remote Key Fob, and feature an automatic film grabber and cutoff.  No need for the operator to leave the Fork Truck, simply position the load, press one to start the wrap cycle. Move forward and back until desired wrap is obtained, pressing two on the remote begins the cut-off cycle. After the cut-off is complete, remove the load, system automatically resets for the next load to be wrapped. Fast and efficient, no need for the operator to position the load onto a turntable and remove the load from the forks.  Completely secures the load to the pallet for greater stability during shipments.

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