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The 1500 MS is a selector switch operated powered turntable with a Hand Operated winch for raising and lowering the film carriage. Features a 40″ Diameter disc for standard 42″ wide x 48″ long x 86″ tall pallets. Available options: Built-in Scale, Extra Height for taller loads, Foot Switch, Ramp, and Variable Speed Turntable. Please click on the tabs below for more information on this model.

Floor Layout Operator’s Manual(.pdf) Video

Specification Value
Turntable Capacity 1500 lbs
Turntable Speed 6 RPM
Turntable Height Standard 4 3/8″ w/optional scale 6 5/8″
Turntable Size 40” Dia.
Turntable Drive 1/4hp. 115/1/60Hz. Gearmotor; #50 Chain
Film Carriage Drive Hand operated winch film applicator.
Space Requirements 40” Wide x 81” Long
Maximum Pallet Size 48” x 48” x 84″ Tall
Optional Ramp with Scale 32” Wide x 54”
Maximum Diagonal Pallet Size  Standard 68”
Maximum Wrap Height Standard 84”
Film Web 10-20” core brake film delivery
Power Requirements 115/1/60hz. 8 AMP.
Shipping Weight 700 lbs
  • Will accommodate loads up to 1,500 lbs.
  • Faster and easier then wrapping by hand.
  • 1500MS Manual spiral accommodates varying load height.
  • Hand operated winch spiral film applicator.
  • 10-20” Kalamazoo core brake film delivery.
  • 40” Dia. Nonskid floor plate disc.
  • Machine designed so it can be shipped with a built in scale or the scale can be added later.
  • Can be loaded by fork truck or pallet jack. (When used with optional ramp)
  • Fork lift portability from both ends allows for easy placement throughout any facility.
  • Most replacement parts can be obtained through any W.W. Grainger, Locations Nationwide.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all KPS Manufactured components.
  • Built-in Scale- Model 1500MSS
  • Extra height for upto  100” loads
  • Variable Speed AC drive turntable
  • Ramp for manual pallet jack
  • Ramp for scale equipped machines
  • Ramp for powered walkie pallet jack