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Specialized film wrapper equipment
The 998SAC is a specialized film wrapper equipment which has a 10,000 lb. capacity turntable with soft-start acceleration and deceleration and an inline variable speed motor. Air positioning table lock. 48″ Wide powered roller conveyor with powered transition rollers. Semi-Automatic spiral film applicator with 20″ Kalamazoo variable tension film delivery, variable speed film carriage. 84″ Wrap height with wrap height sensor. Manual film starting and cutting. Mitsubishi PLC controls all programming functions. Industrial quality pushbuttons and limit switches are used throughout the machine. Safety disconnect switch. One each powered loading conveyor 48″ wide. One each 48″ wide powered roller accumulating conveyor. One each 48″ wide powered roller accumulating conveyor set on top of a 90 degree hydraulic rotator for unloading.

Construction Turntable:
  • 1/2″ Steel plate, 80″ Dia. Disc.
  • 5″ Safety Skirt
  • 32″ height from Floor
  • Structural Tube, plate and bar, meet ASTM-A36 or ASTM-A500 Grade B
  • Formed Steel plate, meets ASTM-A36
Drives Turntable:
  • 3 hp. 460/3/60 TENV with AC inverter and a inline helical reducer. Chain drive, 0-8 RPM.
Film Lift:
  • 1/2 hp. 460/3/60 TENV with AC inverter and a right angle gear reducer. 20″ Variable Tension Film Delivery: 90v DC electric brake
  • 1 hp. 460/3/60 TENV with AC inverters and a right angle rear reducer. 3-1/2″ Dia. Roller set on 6″ centers.
  • 3 hp. 460/3/60 TENV with AC inverter and inline helical reducer, chain drive.
Unloading Rotator:
  • Hydraulic 23″ cylinder. 3 hp. 460/3/60 TENV AC motor.
Power Requirements
  • 480/3/60 30a
Air Requirements
  • 80psi
  • 10,000 lb. Capacity Turntable, upender, and conveyors.
  • Maximum Load = 54″ Diameter Aluminum Coils
  • Maximum Wrap Height = 84″
  • 3 hp TENV AC variable speed turntable drive motor with inline reducer
  • Automatic stop positioning.
  • 1 hp TENV AC conveyor motor. 3-1/2″ Dia. rollers set on 6″ centers.
  • 1/2″ hp TENV AV variable speed film carriage drive.
  • Adjustable limit switches
  • Banner photo eye height sensor and product sensors
  • Mitsubshi PLC
  • 20″ Variable tension film delivery system.
  • All variable speed motor controlled by AC inverters.
  • Three programs (1) Stretch wrapping only, (2) Stretch wrapping with one strap, (3) Stretch wrapping with two straps.
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