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Easy Installation Stretch Wrap Machines So You Can Get Ahead Fast

Kalamazoo Packaging Systems is known for fast and easy installations, dependable long lasting equipment, and great customer service. Find out why we have so many repeat customers!

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Keep your shipments safe

What would your customer think if every product you sent was different? They probably wouldn’t be very happy. Top business owners realize that consistency is a major key to success. An automatic stretch wrap machine wraps your product the same every time. Consistent wrapping means less damage in transit. Whatever business you’re in, less damage in transit means more satisfied customers and more profit.

Plug and Play Machines

Our machines are easy. Most of our customers are surprised how intuitive they are to use. Whether you’re getting a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic stretch wrapper you won’t have to spend much time training employees.

If you can plug a cord into a wall, you can install our machine yourself.

A Stretch Wrap Machine You Can Count On

We’ve been selling stretch wrapping machines for 40 years and some of the first machines we sold are still in use. Although our designs have improved as technology has improved we still build ‘em like we used to. As simple as possible to get the job done right. Never overengineered, always built to last.


Whether it’s a pallet of apples or a 10 foot by 12 foot wall of windows, we have the machine for the job. Need an explosion-proof wrapper or a wrapper designed for a cold room? We’ve got that.

If we haven’t already designed a machine that’s perfect for your application, tell us what you need and we’ll make it. Our 4 step process involves digitally testing the machine before it’s built to eliminate any possible design flaws and maximize efficiency. Talk to someone on our team right now to find out how we can meet your challenges.

When it comes to picking your stretch film, we’ve got you covered.

Maybe you know the best gauge, extrusion method, and style of wrap for your product. Maybe you could use some help figuring that out. Either way, our sister company Convergence Plastics has got your back. Drawing on 40 years of plastics experience, Convergence will provide you with the right bulk plastic wrap at the right price.