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Kalamazoo Packaging Systems is familiar with the technology and processes necessary to fabricate any machine or device that requires stainless steel or food grade in it’s design specifications.  Stainless steel fabrication by KPS is done with high precision laser technology that allows flexibility, speed, and cost effectiveness to the user. In addition, our supplier has a large tank for passivization and electroplating. For more information on passivization and electroplating, click the link on the sidebar.

Aerospace accuracy ensures that all parts will meet you exact design specifications.


Call us with your specific design criteria and we will develop a proposal to meet your requirements. Please scroll below to view examples of our work.

pc060001 p7190028 Stainless Steel Pallet Wrapper p1010002 pc040020 Stainless Steel with Wash Down Motors Stainless elbow Stainless Steel Turntable Stainless Steel Base Frame