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This unit was designed and built to wrap various sized coils of copper stock. It can be loaded manually or with the assistance of an overhead crane. The unit is large enough to wrap car and truck tires as well. Click on the Tabs below for more information on this unit.

  • CPVW5-SA32149 Coil Packaging Vertical Winder w/ 5” film
  • Semi-Automatic Through The Eye Packaging Stretch Wrapper.
  • Maximum Coils 32”OD. x 14”ID. x 9” Width 250lbs.
  • Minimum Coils 15”O.D. x 14”I.D. x 1” Width

A Vertical Coil Packaging Winder to wrap coils through the eye, with a maximum OD of 32”, a minimum OD of 15”, a minimum ID of 14”, and maximum width of 9”. Semi-Automatic variable speed wrapping Ring with 5” Kalamazoo variable tension film delivery, manual film starting and cutting. NEMA 12 Enclosure.

Wrap Cycle

Customer to load product by hand or with a overhead crane. Lower product onto the Drive and Idler product rollers. Adjust the product height if needed, adjust the side supports if needed. Attach the film to the product and push the Cycle Start button. The film head will start wrapping the coil, after two revolution, the product roller will come on the start rotating the product. After a set time (adjustable) the product roller will stop and the film head will stop at the home position. Cut the film. Remove product. End of cycle.

Film Applicator

5” Kalamazoo Variable Tension Film Delivery.

  • Allen Bradley Micro810 PLC controls all wrap functions.
  • Allen Bradley Flex4 AC drives.
  • Allen Bradley sensor.
  • Manual selector switches for Film Ring and Product Roller and Product Lift.
  • Will accommodate loads up to 250 lbs.
  • 1/4hp. Variable speed AC Product Roller drive motor with Allen Bradley AC Drive.
  • 1/2hp. Variable speed AC Film Ring motor with Allen Bradley AC Drive.
  • Film Ring speed 0-60 RPM.
  • 1/6hp. Fixed speed inline gear-motor for powered lift.
  • Adjustable cycle timer.
  • 5” Kalamazoo Variable Tension Film Delivery. Other sizes available.
  • System can be designed with a build in scale.
Power Requirements


Available Options
Allen-Bradley HMI touch screen. consult factory
Larger and/or smaller Coils. consult factory
Safety Fence, Rail, and/or Light Curtains. consult factory
One day of testing, tuning, and training at customers. consult factory
UL and CE approved systems. consult factory

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