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A horizontal winder to wrap products with a maximum diagonal of 12” and a minimum of 24” in length with the product hold down on the inside of the frame. Foot or selector switch operated. Variable speed wrapping ring with a 10-12” Kalamazoo variable tension film delivery and manually adjustable product hold downs. Please click on the Tabs below for more information. All KPS Horizontal Winders are fully guarded with expanded metal.

Wrap Cycle: Place the product onto the infeed conveyor or slide table. Move the product into the winder. Once the product is loaded into the winder and the film is secured, push down on the foot switch or turn the WINDER selector switch to on. After the reinforcing wraps are applied turn on the CONV. FORWARD switch or slide the product though the winder. Turn off the conveyor and place the reinforcing wraps on the end of the product. Turn off the winder. The operator will now cut and secure the film. End of cycle.


Horizontal Winder:

  • 1 hp. 230v AC TENV motor with a right angle gear reducer.
  • Solid state variable speed controller.
  • 0-50 RPM, friction wheel drive.
  • Floor to center of ring 42.25”.

Film Applicator:

  • 10-12” Kalamazoo Variable Tension Film Delivery.

With 12” film at 50 RPM. This system will wrap 33.3 FPM With 20” film at 50 RPM. This system will wrap 62.5 FPM

  • Fully guarded.
  • Kalamazoo variable tension 10-12” film delivery.
  • Foot switch or selector switch operated with adjustable speed wrapping ring
  • Automatic shut down when film door is open.
  • Direct fraction drive.
  • Computer design for smooth running and easy maintenance.

830 PMW Available Options:

  • 20” Variable tension film delivery
  • Manually adjustable hold downs.
  • Spring loaded product hold downs.
  • Air powered hold downs manual valve. (PM Only)
  • Automatic air powered product hold downs. (830FA Only)
  • Single non-adjustable product fork.
  • Manual adjustable product forks.
  • Powered adjustable product forks.
  • 12” V Style non-powered roller conveyor x 94” long.
  • with 1/8” Polyurethane Rollers Covers.
  • 12” V Style powered roller conveyor x 94” long.
  • with 1/8” Polyurethane Rollers Covers.
  • Total lock swivel caster for conveyors.
  • Caster and floor lock for winder.
  • Custom color.

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