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The 800 Series SAA stand alone automatic horizontal pallet wrapper is available in various sizes and automatically wraps pallets horizontally. Available models are the 850, 860, 870, and 880. We have upgraded the units to work via remote control. Simply stage the product you wish to wrap, press (1) on the remote to begin cycle. Drive forward and back until desired wrap is achieved, press (2) on the remote to begin cut-off cycle. When cut-off is finished pallet is removed and the unit is ready for the next load. Click on the tabs below for more information.

Horizontal Winder: 850SAA 2 hp. 230v AC variable speed motor with a right angle gear reducer. AC Solid state variable speed motor controller. 0-34 RPM, friction wheel drive. Floor to center of ring: 47.0”.

Film Applicator: 20” Kalamazoo Variable Tension Film Delivery.

Power Requirements: 230/1-3/60 hz.

800 SAA Description: A free standing Fully-Automatic Horizontal Winder Stretch Wrapper to wrap loads using a standard fork truck. Variable speed wrapping ring with solid state AC drive. 20″ Kalamazoo variable tension film delivery. Automatic film starting and cutting. All KPS Horizontal Winders are fully guarded with expanded metal.

Wrap Cycle: Bring the load to the winder with a fork truck. When the load is positioned in the winder the yellow light will come on and start flashing after a preset time. The winder will automatically start wrapping the load. Use the fork truck to slowly move the load in. After the load is wrapped, use the pull cord to start the automatic film cutting. After the film is cut, the yellow light will stay on for a preset time so the same load does not get wrapped again. After the yellow light goes off, the system is reset. End of wrap cycle.

  • Accommodates loads with varying lengths.
  • Automatic film starting.
  • Automatic film cutting with remote Keyfob.
  • 20” Variable tension film delivery
  • Mitsubishi PLC controls all wrap functions
  • Telemecanique AC drives.
  • Banner sensor and Photo-eyes.
  • Winder ring Auto/Manual
  • 850SAA Maximum load 42” wide x 42” high. Other sizes available.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on all K.P.S manufactured components.


  • Model 850SAA-20 Stand Alone Automatic Horizontal Winder Stretch Wrap System

Available Options

  • Casters, floor locks, and quick disconnects for winder
  • Power requirements 480/3/60 12 amp
  • Custom color

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