Turntable Pallet Wrapper 4000-SA Semi-Automatic

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The Kalamazoo 4000M-SA is a Semi-Automatic Spiral Stretch Wrap System with a Photo-eye Load Height Sensor. Semi-Automatic Cycle: attach the film, Push the (Start) Button. The system will automatically wrap the product.

**Note: The owners manuals have changed through the years, you may need to contact Kalamazoo for your manual. Serial number of the system will be needed.**

Turntable capacity: 4000 lbs
Turntable speed: 0-12 rpm
Turntable height: 4 3/4″
Turntable size: 48″ dia
Turntable drive: 1/2 HP; chain with AC Drive
Film carriage drive: 1/2 HP; belt with AC Drive
Space requirements: 48.5″x 96″
Optional ramp: 40″ Wide X 60″ Long
Maximum pallet size: 53″ x 53″, Maximum Diagonal 75″
Maximum wrap height: 84″
Film web: 20″
Power requirements: 115/1/60 15A
Shipping Weight: 950 lbs.

Semi Automatic:

Attach the film. Push the (Start) button. The system will automatically wrap the product.

  • Telemecanique PLC controls all wrap functions
  • Telemecanique AZC Drive Controllers
  • Banner photo-eye load height sensor
  • System Color (Light Grey)
  • Turntable Auto/Manual, Film carriage Raise/Lower
  • Will accommodate loads up to 4,000 lbs.
  • 4000-SA Semi-Automatic Spiral accommodates varying load heights
  • 1/2 hp. Variable speed AC turntable drive motor with solid state AC controller
  • 1/2 hp. Variable speed AC film carriage lift motor with solid state AC controller
  • Adjustable top and bottom limit switches
  • 20″ Kalamazoo Constant Pre-Stretch Film Delivery
  • 48″ diameter nonskid floor plate disc. (Other sizes available)
  • Can be loaded by fork lift or pallet jack. (when used with optional ramp.)
  • Fork lift portability from both ends allows for easy placement throughout any facility

Limited lifetime warranty on all K.P.S. manufactured components.

Available Options:

  • 30” Constant Pre-stretch Film Delivery
  • 20” Variable Tension Film Delivery
  • 30” Variable Tension Film Delivery
  • 20” Powered Pre-Stretch Film Delivery
  • 30” Powered Pre-Stretch Film Delivery
  • Automatic film cut off can be added to Variable Tension and Powered Pre-Stretch
  • NEMA 12 dust/oil tight enclosures
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC and Flex4 Drives
  • Allen Bradley Touch Screen and/or Ethernet.
  • Ramp
  • Ramp for scale equipped machines
  • Ramp for Powered Walkie 84” long
  • Extra Length (for larger loads)
  • Extra Height (110″ tall loads) with Non-detachable tower.
  • Extra Height (110” tall loads) with Detachable tower for shipping by common carrier and crating.
  • Larger Diameter Turntable Disc.
  • Built in Industrial Scale
  • Printer w/ 2″ x 4″ labels 140 per roll (1 case 10 rolls)
  • Cold Room and/or Freezer. Light gear oil in the reduceers and thermostat controlled heater in the cabinet
  • Power Requirements 200-240/3/50-60 HZ. 10AMP.
  • Crating for oversea shipments
  • Epoxy paint, Custom color
  • System complies with safety Category 1. Category 2,3, and 4
  • Safety Fence, Rail, Light Curtains, and Extra Guarding
  • UL, CE, and NTEP Certified Systems

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