Turntable Pallet Wrapper 4000 Stainless Steel Wash Down

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The 4000-SS-WD is available as a Semi-Auto, Powered Manual, Manual, and Wrap Station. The unit can be ordered with or without a scale, and can be modified to your specifications. Click on the tabs below for more information. This video is of a standard 4000-SA Operation of the units are the same.

Turntable capacity: 4000 lbs
Turntable speed: 0-12 RPM
Turntable height: 4 3/4″
Turntable size: 48″ dia
Turntable drive: 1/2 HP; Stainless chain and sprockets, with AC Drive
Film carriage drive: 1/2 HP; belt with AC Drive
Space requirements: 48.5″x 96″
Optional ramp: 40″ Wide X 60″ Long
Maximum pallet size: 53″ x 53″, Maximum Diagonal 75″
Maximum wrap height: 84″
Film web: 20″
Power requirements: 115/1/60 15A
Shipping Weight: 950 lbs.

Semi Automatic: Attach the film. Push the (Start) button. The system will automatically wrap the product.

Powered Manual: Attach the film. Turn the turntable selector switch to ON. After the reinforcing wraps are applied, turn the film carriage selector switch to RAISE. When the film reaches the top of the load, return the film carriage switch to OFF, place the reinforcing wraps on the top of the load, and turn the film carriage selector switch to LOWER. After the cycle is complete, return the two switches to the OFF position.

This machine is available in either regular stainless steel or as a wash down duty and food grade compliant stainless machine. Both kinds are available in either 304 or 316 stainless steel. The wash down machine’s electronics are enclosed in a Nema 4x Enclosure.


  • Mitsubishi PLC controls all wrap functions
  • Banner photo-eye load height sensor.
  • Turntable Auto/Manual, Film carriage Raise/Lower
  • Will accommodate loads up to 4,000 lbs.
  • 4000M-SA Semi-Automatic Spiral accommodates varying load heights.
  • 1/2 hp. Variable speed AC turntable drive motor with solid state AC controller
  • 1/2 hp. Variable speed AC film carriage lift motor with solid state AC controller
  • Adjustable top and bottom limit switches
  • 20″ Kalamazoo Constant Prestretch Film Delivery System
  • Machine designed so it can be shipped with a built in scale or the scale can be added later.
  • 48″ diameter nonskid floor plate disc. (Other sizes available)
  • Can be loaded by fork lift or pallet jack. (when used with optional ramp.)
  • Fork lift portability from both ends allows for easy placement throughout any facility
  • Most replacement parts can be obtained through any WW Grainger, locations nationwide.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all K.P.S. manufactured components.

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