Turntable Pallet Wrapper 4000 WS (Wrap Station)

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A Wrap Station is a turntable with an on/off switch or optional foot switch. It is used in conjunction with the 712 or 718 optional hand wrapper. The unit has a 4000 lb. Capacity and a 48″ disc. Variable speed Turntable with pedestal mounted control cabinet and a wrapper dispenser holder for the optional hand wrapper dispenser. Please click on the tabs below for more information.

Specification Value
Turntable Capacity 4000 lbs
Turntable speed 0-12 rpm
Turntable height 4 3/4″
Turntable size 48″ dia
Turntable drive 1/2 HP; chain
Space requirements 48.5″x96″
Optional ramp 40″ Wide X 50″ Long
Maximum diagonal pallet size 75″
Power requirements 115/1/60 15A

  • Accomodates loads of up to 4,000lbs.
  • 1/2 HP T.E.F.C. turntable drive motor.
  • 3/8″ non-skid steel diamond plate turntables.
  • Heavy duty structural steel tubing.
  • Equipped with guarded foot switch or pedestal mounted switch.
  • Makes wrapping by hand quicker and easier, saving time and money.
  • Optional film applicators available, allowing you to build a system as your needs require.
  • Fork lift portability allows for easy placement throughout any facility.
  • Replacement parts can be obtained through any W.W.Grainger location nationwide.

  • Foot switch with guard in place of the pedestal mounted switch
  • Pedestal mounted switch and a Foot switch with guard
  • Turntable to autostop to home position
  • 712 Hand wrapper dispenser for 12-18” film
  • 718 Hand wrapper dispenser for 18-20” film
  • Ramp
  • Ramp for scale equipped machines
  • Ramp for Powered Walkie 84” long
  • Allen Bradley Drive
  • NEMA 12 Dust/Oil Tight Enclosures
  • Extra Length (for larger loads)
  • 4,000 lbs. Built In Scale
  • Printer w/ 2”x 4” labels 140 per roll. ( 1 case 10 rolls)
  • 60” x 3/8” FL. PL. Turntable Disc
  • 72” x 3/8” FL. PL. Turntable Disc
  • 72” x 3/8” FL. PL. Turntable Disc with Scale
  • 84”x 3/8” FL. PL. Turntable Disc
  • 84”x 3/8” FL. PL. Turntable Disc with Scale
  • Power Requirements 200-240/3/50-60hz. 10AMP.
  • Epoxy paint, Custom color.

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